CG / Video Production


Production of quality commercials video is big and hard work of many people such as copywriters, editors, writers, cameramen and many others. Today, advertising on television costs a lot of money. So many famous companies bought the production of commercials in small companies, which at sufficiently high quality can offer reasonable prices for production.

Our company is engaged in the complete production cycle of commercials. We can create commercials for television, video banners, rollers for placement on the screens, for demonstration at exhibitions and presentations and also movies for posting on the website.

Video (any complexity and purpose)

Clips Media Group makes video editing for any purpose and complexity, from personal use to promote your business.

We offer professional video editing, keying (green screen) and create info graphics. The video editing will be carried out by an experienced technician using professional software that allows you to work quickly and efficiently. The editing will be done under your strict guidance and with consideration of all wishes. If you have any questions or concerns you can always consult with our experts. In the end you will get the finished video in the required format.

Creating computer graphics

Creating advanced 3D and computer graphics and motion design are the main activities of our company.

We propose the creation of computer graphics for various needs such as educational and corporate film, promotional video, presentation. We strive for outstanding results and quality!

Visualization / Animation

Visualization (rendering) is a term in computer graphics for the process of generating an image from a model using computer programs.

Computer animation is a type of animation. Unlike common notions «CGI graphics» both related to static and moving images computer animation refers only to moving. On today are widely used in the field of entertainment and in the industrial, scientific and business spheres.