Video projection

Video projection - is an essential attribute of a media presentation: presentations, concerts and celebrations. Despite the fact that today is widespread led screens video projection is often used as a primary or secondary design element of the event or scene.

Multimedia show

Multimedia show is a great performance with music which presents all the latest technologies and they are all connected in one unique action.

Light, sound, pyrotechnics, laser and video projection, live performers and musicians, fire and water performances — these and many other components become part of the wonderful show. The process of creating a multimedia show is an extremely difficult and time consuming task.

A multimedia show is the most presentable and fascinating insight into the modern entertainment industry.

3D hologram

3D hologram is a three-dimensional projection system that allows you to create three-dimensional moving images of any items, objects and people, from the size of an apple to the size of the truck.

A distinctive feature of this technology lies in the symbiosis of real and virtual. The unexpected effects can be created in unexpected places. A stunning effect is guaranteed, and applications of this technology are very diverse!

3D holo pyramid

3D holographic pyramid uses light diffraction to create a virtual three-dimensional image of the object. The difference of holographic pyramids like any other holographic imaging that they do not need any special 3D glasses or external hardware to see the image.

Holographic pyramid effectively look at presentations, at promotional stands and on festive occasions. They can be used to increase brand awareness, increase sales or to make an effective presentation. And our company will prepare for you media content.

Virtual dealer / Promoter

Virtual promoter, consultant, guide that helps orient and inform visitors as well as successfully promote products and services. It is indispensable in shopping malls, showrooms, banks, exhibitions and presentations, wherever there is a large flow of people - your potential customers.

Forum / Event Visual Design

Our company will help design the forum and events for your needs turnkey. We will also assist in related media services. We guarantee, you will be satisfied!