3D mapping

3D mapping (video mapping) is the direction in audiovisual art which is a 3D projection on the environment based physical object with its geometry and location in space.

Unlike the use of 3D technology in cinema and computer games video mapping does not require any additional devices for the audience or the installation screens, except when the screen is used as an additional reflecting surface, for example in the design of theatrical and concert performances, but in the case of video mapping projection will only look bulky if the viewers are at a certain point. The use of specialized software allows two-or three-dimensional object can be spatially processed in the program that can create a real environment to be a projection. The software can interact with a projector to fit any desired image on the projection surface. This technique is used by artists and advertisers who can add extra dimensions, optical illusions and make static objects move. Videos are often accompanied by audio to create fullness of the narrative.

Architectural mapping

The architectural mapping is a major focus in video mapping. The projection is based on the geometric features of the surface on which the image will be mapped. For this purpose are architectural objects and buildings. With enough imagination you can «revive» any architectural surface and create a realistic effect which is perceived with delight by the spectators. This type of mapping is good to use for mass outdoor events when you need to attract the attention of a large number of people.

Since the projection will occur at the building or architectural object, it has to happen in the evening or in the darks so the play of light and shadows will be particularly noticeable to the eye. An important role plays the equipment - projectors, which should be bright and powerful.

The architectural mapping is one of the most expensive out of all of the projections beacause this uses the largest amount of equipment.

Outdoor mapping

Outdoor mapping is used for projection onto different objects such as a tree, fountain, white smoke and more. Well suited for advertising, promo, etc.

Indoor mapping

A distinctive feature of the indoor mapping is that the projection is created for displaying inside rooms. Indoor mapping is actively used at corporate evenings, holidays, parties, and nightclubs.

Can be used projectors of average power but the number will depend on the area to be used for projection.

Object mapping

As a surface for mapping is used any geometric shape, e.g., cube, bench, cake, and more.

This projection direction can be used in various areas: weddings, corporate events, advertising, promotional etc.

Car mapping

A projection on the car (car mapping) is actively used by auto manufacturers to present their new cars, concept cars.

Standing still the car seems to be alive in the eyes of the spectators.