Photo / Postproduction


In addition to video production and creating computer graphics our company employs professional photographers who have extensive experience in various glossy magazines.

Our photographers will help you create the promotional photos of excellent quality, because advertising — strategic visualization, which implies the formation and support of the company's image, identity, product, service or organization through photography.


Our professional photographers will help you to create an album of images or a series of photo collections united by a common concept, designed to show the advantages of the advertised product.


If you have a mission to shoot exclusive photo with the stars of show business, cinema or sport, our company will help you with this. We have extensive experience in dealing with media persons and help organize a photo shoot with them, or vice versa, to shoot for the stars any photo stuff. We only do quality photographs, which subsequently are processed and color corrected. You will be satisfied with our cooperation!

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty photography — like no other direction in art captures the atmosphere of the period, style and mood of the era, embodying the ideal which the culture is committed.